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At food surety we know you want to be a confident, successful and fulfilled food professional providing safe food for consumers and protecting your brands, but in order to be that you need to fully understand all the requirements of food safety and HACCP, food defence (TACCP) and food fraud prevention (VACCP) and how to practically apply it all. The problem is the lack of time, resources and solutions that actually work which is frustrating. 

We believe you should be supported and we understand the frustration if you are not, that’s why we provide the best possible ,fully tailored food safety training courses and consultancy supporting you being the professional and leader trusted by your team.

Our courses are developed and reviewed by renowned experts in food safety, quality assurance, technical and regulatory compliance, food production, as well as, adult teaching best practices and cover topics like: Advanced HACCP Training, Refresher HACCP Training, Introductory HACCP certification, Introductory Food Safety Certificate, Developing & Implementing a Food Defence Plan - TACCP course, and Developing & Implementing Food Fraud Prevention Plan - VACCP Course Food Defence Threat assessment PDF Templates, advanced auditing skills training, Train the trainer, On the job training in addition to fully tailored courses and modules to suit your team's needs.

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