Food Defence & Site Security Essentials
E-learning Course

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Food defence threats are real and your front-line team members are, by far, your best site security and defence measure.

This awareness Food Defence e-learning course explains what food defence is, related threats/attacks, attackers, impact. More importantly, it arms team members and managers with knowledge and simple guidelines to follow strengthening food defence at your workplace.

It is aligned with FDA Intentional Adulteration Rule and GFSI recognised programmes food defence requirements. The goal is to protect products, consumers, supply chains, premises and your team.
  • Author: Ray Haddad
  • Study time: 75 minutes
  • Video time: 40 minutes
  • Activities: 5
  • Assessment: 1
  • Certificate: upon successful completion
  • Access: 30 days
Price is GST & fees inclusive

Completing this Food Defence Essentials
E-learning Course, your team will be able to:

  • Understand food defence, site security and related terminology
  • Understand food defence threats, attackers and impact
  • Explore related food defence incidents

  • Recognise food defence broad mitigation strategies.
  • Understand the importance of front-line team members in the implementation and maintenance of food defence measures
  • Recognise food defence threats and how to respond to these

What's included in this basic food defense course?

  • Learning methods
  • Presentations and e-books
  • 15 Short interactive videos
  • Exercises and quizzes
  • Live discussions
  • Join "Food Surety Community" of food professionals
  • Online assessment
  •   30 days access from smart phone, tablet or computer, anytime, anywhere
Certificate of Completion
Demonstrating understanding of intentional adulteration potential attacks and related controls including broad mitigation strategies.

Meet team members training requirements and expectations of regulators, customers and  and certification programmes like BRCGS, FSSC22000 and SQF.
  • Who is it for?
  • All food and beverage businesses, importers, exporters, food growers and food manufacturers, as well as food related products' sectors :
  • Food receiving and storage personnel
  • Food Transportation, food preparing, processing, serving personnel 
  • Senior and site managers
  • Maintenance/engineering personnel
  • Professionals engaged in the food supply chain who want to understand the basics of food defence and intentional adulteration mitigation strategies. e.g. procurement, human resources, operation managers and site managers...
Food Defence Essentials Training that Covers Site Security Training for Your Team
Don't miss the opportunity! Arm your team members with the knowledge needed to protect food, consumers & brands from intentional food defense attacks.
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Meet  your trainer
Ray Haddad
I am the Trainer & Managing Director at Food Surety Limited. I have worked in the food industry in quality assurance roles, auditing, consulting, training, instructional design, workplace assessment and as an advisor in international food safety projects. This varied experience has given me a depth of understanding of the needs and the pain points among the different parties in the food industry.

Since 2007, I've had a proven track record conducting hundreds of audits including external 3rd party certification audits as an auditor/verifier recognised by the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). In addition, I have trained thousands of food professionals from government agencies, NGOs, academia and businesses across the whole supply chain from farm to fork and across the different sectors,  not only in New Zealand but in Southeast Asia and Middle East.

I am driven by food professionals' experiences of light bulb moments and breakthroughs in their thinking. I enjoy supporting them protecting food for all.
Food Defence Trainer - Ray Haddad- featured in the food defese awareness elearning talking about intentional adulteration

Who needs site security and food defense awareness?

According to BRCGS global standard issue 9, all staff do, including temporary staff and agency staff!  Intentional adulteration can happen at any stage in the food supply chain and at your site too! While the likelihood of an attack is low, hopefully, the impact can be huge on public health, the brand, you food handlers and of course financial implications. That is why training the members of your food organisation on food defence will help them identify potential threats and vulnerabilities before it is too late.

Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognised certification programmes like BRCGS, SQF and FSSCC 22000 requires food professionals to be competent on the tasks they are responsible for. BRCGS Food Safety standards specifically ask for food defence awareness training. We suggest you enrol the following roles in this course as well as the Food Fraud Prevention Essentials e-learning:
  • Food handlers of exposed food
  • Team members working on steps identified as high risk by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) including liquid storage, mixing, blending,...
  • Production team leaders and supervisors
  • Operation Managers
  • Senior managers and directors
  • Supplier auditors
  • Anyone who is not in the Threat Assessment and Critical Control Point (TACCP) or food defence team.
food defense mitigations applied to all food sectors and food supply chins

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e-Learning Food Defence Essentials -Awareness Training Certificate 

  • On demand food defence training certification
  • Accessed anytime, anywhere and from any device including the food handler's smartphone 
  • 30 days access - best value! 
  • Meet regulators and GFSI recognised programmes food defense requirements on food handler training particularly those working at actionable process steps.
  • Food Surety money back guarantee applies. 
  • Price is GST & fees inclusive

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