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Every day, billions of people enjoy delicious and safe food! Behind the scenes, food professionals work hard and smart providing food & mitigating risks along the farm to fork food supply chains 

Complex supply chains and compliance requirements, new food safety hazards, production scale, globalisation, and novel food production methods make food professionals' job harder!
Each year worldwide, unsafe food causes 600 million cases of foodborne diseases and 420,000 deaths.
(Source: World Health Organization website)

At Food Surety, we provide food professionals with personalised training and advice so that they are more confident and fulfilled in protecting consumers and brands.

At Food Surety, we provide food professionals with personalised training and advice, so they are more confident & fulfilled in protecting consumers & brands. We can support you too.

Food Surety, Who We Are...

About Food Surety Limited

  • Food Surety Limited is a food protection training and consultancy rooted in New Zealand with global reach, committed to supporting food professionals and food businesses so they can successfully protect consumers and their brands integrity.

Our Expertise

Empowering Behaviors Through Training

A significant aspect of our approach is enhancing behaviors that foster a culture of safety, quality, and compliance. Our training goes beyond imparting knowledge; it's designed to cultivate behaviors that drive positive change within your organization. We believe that true transformation comes when individuals and teams are empowered to take action that aligns with the highest standards of food safety and quality.

Your Needs at the Heart of Our Approach

  • Our commitment is to you. You are always in mind when we design, develop and deliver our training solutions to help you drive tangible change at your workplace. Whether it's through in-person classroom training, virtual classroom  (live online training) or on-demand e-learning we provide flexibility tailored to you and your team's learning preferences.

Our values:

  • Connect in meaningful ways 
    Meaningful connections foster collaboration with food professionals, food businesses and stakeholders.
  • See the wider context 
    Our perspective goes beyond the obvious, recognising the broader context that food professionals and businesses operate within.
  • Look for creative solutions 
    Crafting innovative training solutions and fostering creative thinking to empower food professionals in tackling challenges within the intricate global food supply chains.
  • Learn continuously 
    Every experience is an opportunity to learn, grow, and continually improve

Our values:

  • Connect with people in meaningful ways
  • See the wider context
  • Look for creative solutions
  • Learn from every experience

Our services  Food Surety

Training Services

  • Fully tailored to suit your team's training needs

  • Innovative, recognised  adult teaching methodologies

  • Arming you to achieve the desired results and food safety culture desired

Advisory Services

  • Targeting Food Defence, Food Fraud Prevention and Food Safety

  • Helping you protecting your consumers, organisation & brand

  • Your decisions can save or harm thousands of consumers! You deserve to be fully supported.

Auditing Services

  • ISO9001, ISO22000, BRCGS trained, New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries recognised verifier /auditor

  • Supporting you building an effective internal audit program

  • Supporting your internal auditors and enhancing their competency

Food Surety's Accreditation & Approvals

BRCGS Approved Training Partner - Food Surety Limited approved to deliver BRCGS training
BRCGS Approved Virtual Trainer - Food Surety Limited New Zealand BRCGS BRCGS Training approved
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Leading food industry brands & organisations like these trust Food Surety

New Zealand Food Industry brands, councils,  early child care centers, food manufacturers, horticulture, honey, chickens, biscuets factory that are Food Surety Limited Customers and clients for Food Safety certification and HACCP training and auditing course
At Food Surety we are committed to designing, developing and delivering the best courses possible with huge emphases on both behavioral and cognitive approaches to learning to achieve real outcomes.

Ray Haddad

Hello! I'm Ray, the Lead Trainer & Managing Director at Food Surety. I am a food professional myself, and I know how difficult it can be when you want to do a great job building and implementing a process that meets expectations, but the expectations or the how to get there need to be clarified!

I believe everyone in the industry deserves the knowledge and confidence to do their job right. I am driven by food professionals' experiences of light bulb moments and breakthroughs in their thinking. Therefore, I deliver courses with the tools and insights you need to excel.

Since 2007, I've worked in quality assurance, auditing, consulting, training, and as an advisor in international projects in the food industry. I have a proven track record of conducting hundreds of audits, including external 3rd party certification audits, as an auditor/verifier recognised by the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). Additionally, I have trained thousands of food professionals across different sectors and regions, including New Zealand, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

So let's work together to support you in protecting food for all and creating a safer and more sustainable food system.

Ray has trained thousands of satisfied food professionals and businesses, since 2012


Trained professionals, vast majority recommending  the trainer to a friend.

+80 NPS

Net promoter scores (NPS) range from  -100 to +100. Our +80 NPS grants confidence.


Course topics and levels delivered supporting food professionals to do what's right with confide.

In addition, 350+ internal, supplier and external certification audits conducted since 2007.

What other Food Professionals say about us

I’m passing on a recommendation for a good course and trainer. I recently completed VACCP training with Food Surety.  The one day course was via zoom and was surprisingly hands on with breakout rooms and working through examples. It has helped reflecting on all potential fraud types across the entire supply chain and appropriate mitigations. I highly recommend it.

Craig Cooper
Quality and Operations Manager
Hawkins Watts New Zealand

Ray is very knowledgeable, has a very effective communication and ability to keep you engaged and interested. My team and I have learned a lot, and we feel more confident applying the knowledge back in our workplace.

Virginie Cazeaux
Quality Assurance & Compliance Manager

Frucor Suntory New Zealand Ltd
I would like to sincerely thank Ray Haddad of Food Surety for delivering an Insightful and Informative training session. My Acquaintance and connections who are in the Space of Food safety & Technical compliance who would require an in depth understanding on Food defense and Food fraud implementation. I would certainly recommend you to take up this course

Ravishankar Kumaresan
Food Safety & Regulatory Compliance Manager
Mercorella Group

Over my 35 years of going to all sorts of courses this HACCP course has to be one of the best. Ray is clear, knowledgeable and agile thinker.

Phil Nilsson
Director and Engineering Manager
Alive Foods Limited

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