Introductory Food Safety Certificate

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In 2015, World Health Organization has estimated that 420,000 people die every year because of foodborne illness! Every food handler, across the food supply chain, have a key role to play, hence the importance of food safety awareness and consistency.

This food safety training course explains relevant workplace best practices and the why behind it all. It motivates food handlers doing whats right with confidence. 

Give food handlers the knowledge, skills and surety they need to:
  • Be more effective maintaining food safety systems
  • Mitigate food safety risks related to their role and save costs of non-compliance,...  
  • Protect consumers and brands and meet regulatory training requirements 

Choose food safety training delivery method and date

Completing this basic food safety certification course, food handlers will be able to understand:

  • Food safety - food hygiene and its importance

  • Food safety hazards and their significance
  • Methods used to control food safety hazards and food spoilage

  • Cross-contamination and its prevention using good manufacturing practices (GMP)
  • Time temperature controls
  • Risk-based thinking managing food safety.
  • Meet regulatory and food safety certification programmes requirements

What's included?

  • Learning methods

  • Presentation and workbook
  • Videos
  • Exercises
  • Live discussions
  • Assessment

Certificate of Completion

Demonstrating food handlers safety and food hygiene understanding, competency and food safety certification.

Meet expectations of regulators like NZ Ministry for primary industries (MPI), local councils and certification programmes and auditors, verifiers and inspectors.
  • Who is it for?

  •  All food & beverage sectors, restaurants and hospitality, childcare centers, importers, exporters, food manufacturers, hospitals and home food businesses:
  • Food and related products receiving and storage staff.
  • Food preparing, processing, serving and delivering personnel
  • Chefs and kitchen managers
  • Maintenance and engineering personnel
  • Home food business owners
  • Food Supply chain staff

Easy as one, two, three

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Classroom Training NZ

NZ$195 Including GST & Fees
  • Engaging content developed and delivered using recognised best adult teaching practices  
  • In person interaction with expert trainer & other trainees in NZ Food Safety courses delivered New Zealand wide: Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton, wellington, Dunedin, Tauranga,... etc
  • Engaging and interactive exercises
  • Access online assessment and printable food safety training certificate at the end of the course. No waiting time.

Virtual Classroom

NZ$195 Including GST & Fees
  • Delivered in real-time by recognised food safety experts
  • Engaging and interactive groups exercises
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world
  • Accessible  from any device
  • Save the travel time and cost
  • Access the online assessment and printable certificate at the end of the course. No waiting time.

e-learning Training

NZ$145 NZ$129 Including GST & Fees
  • Learn at your pace anywhere anytime
  • 18 interactive videos in addition to other lessons exercises and quizzes
  • 3 to 4 hours total study time.
  • 3 months access to updated content
  • Repeat the training any number of times
  • Engaging content delivered using recognised best e-learning practices  
  • Access the online assessment and printable certificate at the end of the course. No waiting time.

What other Food Professionals have to say about Food Surety

I’m passing on a recommendation for a good course and trainer. I recently completed VACCP training with Food Surety.  The one day course was via zoom and was surprisingly hands on with breakout rooms and working through examples. It has helped reflecting on all potential fraud types across the entire supply chain and appropriate mitigations. I highly recommend it.

Craig Cooper
Quality and Operations Manager
Hawkins Watts New Zealand

Ray is very knowledgeable, has a very effective communication and ability to keep you engaged and interested. My team and I have learned a lot, and we feel more confident applying the knowledge back in our workplace.

Virginie Cazeaux
Quality Assurance & Compliance Manager

Frucor Suntory New Zealand Ltd
I would like to sincerely thank Ray Haddad of Food Surety for delivering an Insightful and Informative training session. My Acquaintance and connections who are in the Space of Food safety & Technical compliance who would require an in depth understanding on Food defense and Food fraud implementation. I would certainly recommend you to take up this course

Ravishankar Kumaresan
Food Safety & Regulatory Compliance Manager
Mercorella Group

Meet the trainer

Ray Haddad

I am the Trainer & Managing Director at Food Surety Limited, I too hate confusion and know what it feels like to worry you aren't doing the right thing! I have worked in the food industry in quality assurance roles, auditing, consulting, training, instructional design, work place assessment and as an advisor in international food safety projects. This varied experience has given me depth of understanding of the needs and the pain points of the different parties in the food industry.

Since 2007, I have a proven track record conducting hundreds of audits including external 3rd party certification audits as an auditor/verifier recognised by the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), in addition, I have trained more than 3750 food professionals from government agencies, NGOs, academia and businesses across the whole supply chain from farm to fork and across the different sectors,  not only in New Zealand but in Southeast Asia and Middle East.

I am driven by food professionals experiencing light-bulb moments and breakthroughs in their thinking and I enjoy supporting their journeys protecting food for all everywhere.

Introductory Food Safety Classroom Training NZ - Dates

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Introductory Food Safety Virtual Classroom - Dates

Introductory Food Safety e-learning course

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Be the food safety and hygiene expert you aspire to be! Protect your consumers, organisation and brand!

Introductory Food Safety Training workshops meeting the requirements of New Zealand MPI, local councils  and based on NZQA unit standard 167, 168 and 20666

What is food Safety?

"“Assurance that food will not cause harm to the consumer when it is prepared and/or eaten according to its intended use.”
(Codex Alimentarius - General Principles of food Hygiene CAC/RCP 1-1969)

What is basic food safety training certificate? Does it suite handlers of high risk food?

This food safety workshop or course is a half day training aimed at food handlers in all food sectors supporting them understanding the basics of food safety and best practices around food safety hazards (biological, physical and chemical hazards including food allergens), cross-contamination, good manufacturing practices like personal hygiene, pest control, cleaning and sanitation, storage practices as well as time temperature controls and a basic understanding of the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) National programmes (NP) and Food Control Plan (FCP) requirements.

Why take Food Surety's Food handler certification training? Is it council recognised?

Our courses meet requirements of MPI and councils all around New Zealand like Auckland council, Wellington city council...

Food surety training courses (food safety certificate, HACCP workshops, auditing skills training, food defence, food fraud prevention etc) are all developed and delivered by expert trainer who :

  • Is a recognised MPI verifier
  • ISO9001, ISO22000, BRCGS, and SQF auditor
  • Developed tens of food safety courses
  • Trained thousands of food handlers, team leaders and supervisors as well as operations, quality assurance, technical and compliance, food supply chain and site managers
  • Food Surety Quality guarantee. 100% money back if you are not satisfied for any reason.

Is it food safety, Health and Safety or Food and safety courses for food handler training?

Food safety is all about protecting consumers of the food and beverage from potential hazards that can be in the food that can harm them, the food consumer). On the other hand, Health & Safety practices are all about protecting you and your colleagues while doing your job at the workplace. Health and safety hazards identification and hazards management to keep you safe.

Some people refer to food and safety training, what they actually means is food safety training for food handlers or food hygiene training certification.

What topics are covered in the basic food safety course?

This course explains:
  • Food safety and its importance
    Food safety hazards and methods used to control these hazards and preserve food
  • Cross-contamination and practices to prevent this contamination protecting consumers and brand, cutting food waste and improving quality and customer satisfaction, these include:
  • Time temperature controls from food product receiving, storing, personal hygiene, preparation, cooking, pasteurisation, bottling and packaging to storing of finished food items, dispatching and food transportation.
  • Risk-based thinking managing food safety
  • Understanding regulatory requirements like councils like Auckland Council and MPI's Food Act National Programmes (NP1, NP2, NP3) Food Control Plan (FCP), Risk Management Programme RMP and Wine Standard Management Plan (WSMP)
  • Meeting verifiers and evaluators compliance and audit expectations
  • overview of HACCP principles for high risk food handlers

Why is basic food hygiene training needed for food businesses operating under the Food Act 2014 or Animal Product Act 1999 ?

Food handlers play a key role mitigating food safety risks, protecting their consumers, brands and food business, Food hygiene training help them understand food safety hazards related to their products and processes and more importantly the food hygiene control measures needed to mitigate related risks.

In addition, food handlers competency is expected by regulators like MPI in New Zealand and and FDA in USA.

In New Zealand, like in many other countries around the world, food auditors, evaluators and verifiers assess food operators and food handlers competency as part of their food safety audits against Food Act 2014, Animal Product Act 1999 and Wine Act 2003 verification and evaluations, HACCP audits, GFSI recognised standards like BRCGS, FSSC22000, SQF... and customer standards like Woolworths, Yum, McDonald,... 

How can food businesses access Food Surety basic food safety learning courses/workshop locations?

Food surety delivers these food safety certificate training in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Hamilton and all around New Zealand, these can be delivered face-to-face, onsite (Classroom Training NZ), online live (Virtual Classroom Training) and e-learning food safety training too (coming soon).
Talk to us to get group discount food safety training rate.

Be the food safety and hygiene expert you aspire to be! Protect your consumers, organisation and brand!