Food Surety Presentations at Food Safety Conferences and Webinars

We aim to make food safety and compliance accessible for food professionals from all over the world. In this section of Food Surety's website you will be able to find a selection of recorded presentations from our participation in food safety conferences and webinars to learn about food safety, auditing skills, food defence, food fraud prevention, building food safety culture and more!

Codex HACCP Updates: Determining CCPs in 2022

Food Safety, Risk and Compliance Conference - June 2022
Towards a safe and sustainable food system

Ray Haddad – Food Surety Limited

In 1997, Codex Alimentarius have included HACCP as an annex in the “General principles of Food Hygiene”, that was a key moment harmonising HACCP application. To date, this document is the framework that many governmental legislation and Food Safety certification programmes use, hence fully understanding the latest requirements in the 2020 amendment is important to food safety professionals.

This presentation has covered key updates and definitions, talk about Critical Control Points (CCPs) determination within the context of the updated requirements, and highlight updates your HACCP Plan might need. 

To learn more about Food Safety and HACCP Principles application at your workplace you can enrol in our Food Surety: Introductory HACCP training, Advanced course HACCP Principles & Advanced Application or our Refresher HACCP course.

Seeing the system: The power of the process-based audit

Exemplar Global
Online Auditor Expo 2021

Ray Haddad – Food Surety Limited

These days, food businesses, their context, supply chains etc. are more complex, this led to more complex food safety and quality management systems and, by default, more complex audits.

This presentation is aimed at seeing the system/the big picture, sharing practical tips on using the process-based approach, helping auditors finding their direction and pace, throughout the audit process, to help them delivering their audit objectives which in turn should help the auditee achieve their objectives too.

If you conduct external or inertnal audits or inspections in the food industry, against any standard including GFSI recognised certification standards, then this recorded presentation is for you.

To learn more about auditing you can enrol in Food Surety courses: Introductory Auditor trainingor Advanced Auditor Training

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