Downloadable threat assessment templates

Food Defence Complete Policy, Process & Templates
(Template with examples & recorded demo)

Practical, complete & customisable policy, process & templates and guide, praised by tens of professionals and their auditors, to support you conducting & documenting your organisation's food defence threats assessment and mitigation plan.

Meeting the requirements of FDA - IA Rule, GFSI Recognised Certification Programmes e.g. BRCGS, SQF, FSSC22000 and others

Save yourself & the whole food defence team hours and hours of discussions and brainstorming  & a bit of confusion!

You will get an excellent 30m minutes overview of food defence with many plan building practical tips.

Note: These guides and templates are provided and fully discussed in Food Surety's Course: Developing & Implementing Food Defence Plan  -TACCP.
Complete & customisable Word & Excel templates

What's included in this food defence mini course and template?


  • Complete policy for your QMS/FSMS
  • Step-by-step food defence process guide
  • Complete Excel workbook/ food adulteration threat assessment and mitigation Template

Comprehensive Guide/Demo

30 minutes recorded introduction to Food Defence and detailed demonstration of the template use.

You learn, apply the revisit whenever required.

White Label Templates

Unbranded, fully customisable templates easily embedded in you your QMS/FSMS.

Embedded how to tips in the template itself.

Discussion Board

Access the template's developer and like minded professionals from the varied food sectors, sharing experiences and Questions & Answers about food defence and these comprehensive Food Surety templates.

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