BRCGS Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 9:
Sites Conversion Training

Get ready to achieve compliance in your BRCGS issue 9 audits 

BRCGS Approved virtual trainer BRCGS Approved virtual trainer
This BRCGS Training course will go over the updates to the Global Standard Food Safety Issue 9 and refresh your memory on the fundamental ideas behind the Standard's onsite application requirements.

Participants will examine what is anticipated throughout the certification process, including steps needed before, during, and after the audit, and explore activities that help establish a culture of compliance.

Active learning will be used throughout the course utilising case study-based activities to encourage critical thinking and help explain how sites will implement the Standard.

In preparation for the course, participants must read and review a copy of the Standard including the glossary, which is available as a free download from the BRCGS Store, in addition to the precourse materials provided. Ideally, attendees should have working knowledge of the Global Standard Food Safety Issue 8 and HACCP principles.

This course is suitable for:
  •     Technical Managers and personnel of BRCGS certificated sites
  •     BRCGS Consultants 
  •     Quality Managers
  •     Operations Managers
  •     BRCGS internal auditors
  •     Importers and exporters of food products
  •     Food service staff of BRCGS certificated sites

Your investment

BRCGS Food Safety Issue 9 conversion training and updates - Food Surety New Zealand - BRCGS Training
  • Get the BRCGS Food Safety issue 8 to issue 9 updates in this Food Surety BRCGS site conversion training. It will help you updating your food safety management system and maintain your BRCGS certification.

    This is a Virtual Classroom Training course, delivered live online, from 9am to 5pm with the optional BRCGS Exam conducted after the course in case you prefer to receive a BRCGS Achievement Certificate vs the BRCGS Attendace Certificate.
Price: NZ$745/Person (GST and Fees Included)

Completing this BRCGS Issue 9 Site Conversion Course, you will be able to:

  • Explain what is required to comply with the requirements of the Standard
  • Identify and explain the changes to the Standard from Issue 8
  • Describe the scope of companies and products covered by the Standard

  • Describe what to expect from your BRCGS audit
  • Prepare for an audit to the Standard
  • Apply resource tools available for compliance and support from BRCGS

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Meet Your trainer
Ray Haddad
I am the Trainer & Managing Director at Food Surety Limited. I have worked in the food industry in quality assurance roles, auditing, consulting, training, instructional design, workplace assessment and as an advisor in international food safety projects. This varied experience has given me a depth of understanding of the needs and the pain points among the different parties in the food industry.

Since 2007, I've had a proven track record conducting hundreds of audits including external 3rd party certification audits as an auditor/verifier recognised by the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). In addition, I have trained thousands of food professionals from government agencies, NGOs, academia and businesses across the whole supply chain from farm to fork and across the different sectors,  not only in New Zealand but in Southeast Asia and Middle East.

I am driven by food professionals' experiences of light bulb moments and breakthroughs in their thinking. I enjoy supporting them protecting food for all.
BRCGS Issue 9 Conversion course Ray Haddad BRCGS Approved trainer
Investing in your team is one of your best investments as a food producer or manufacturer!