Training & Advice That Give You Confidence Protecting Consumers & Brands
Master the food safety, food defence & food fraud prevention skills you need to succeed

Training & Advice That Give You
Confidence Protecting Consumers & Brands
 Master the food safety, food defence & food fraud prevention skills you need to succeed

Producing Safe and Suitable Food should Not Be Too Hard

Without the practical skills you need to produce safe & suitable food and advance your career, it is going to cost you... 
You can harm consumers & brands
More customer complaints, recalls & food waste
You will not meet compliance/audit requirements 
You will be less trusted by your team
You will not reach your potentials & get that promotion
Enrol in Food Surety courses to become a the confident, go-to food professional you love to be.


Food supply chains and compliance requirements are getting harder to manage.
Food-borne illness is not fun!
Customer complaints, recalls & food waste are not good.
You, your business & customers deserve better!

We provide personalised training and advice, so you are more confident and fulfilled protecting consumers  and  brands

We provide training, advice and step-by-step frameworks that simplify your work and get you better results, faster.

Training Services

  • Both official and personalised courses to suit your team's needs

  • Innovative, recognised  adult teaching methodologies

  • Arming you to achieve the desired results and food safety culture desired

Advisory Services

  • Covering Food Defence, Food Fraud Prevention and Food Safety

  • Helping you protecting your consumers, organisation & brand

  • Your decisions can save or harm thousands of consumers! You deserve to be fully supported.

Food Safety Auditing Services

  • ISO9001, ISO22000, BRCGS and SQF trained, New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries recognised verifier/auditor

  • Supporting you building an effective internal audit program & driving continuous improvement

  • Supporting your internal auditors and enhancing their competency

Food Surety's accreditation & approvals

BRCGS Approved Trainer, International HACCP Alliance accreditation logos food surety HACCP training and food safety culture training

Leading food industry brands & organisations like these trust Food Surety

Food Industry brands, councils,  early child care centers, food manufacturers, horticulture, honey, chickens, biscuets factory that are Food Surety Limited Customers and clients for Food Safety certification and HACCP training and auditing course
At Food Surety we are committed to designing, developing and delivering the best courses possible with huge emphases on both behavioral and cognitive approaches to learning to achieve real outcomes.
Meet your trainer

Ray Haddad

I am the Trainer & Managing Director at Food Surety Limited, I know what it feels like to worry you aren't doing the right thing! I have worked in the food industry in quality assurance roles, auditing, consulting, training, instructional design, work place assessment and as an advisor in international food safety projects. This varied experience has given me depth of understanding of the needs and the pain points of the different parties in the food industry.

Since 2007, I have a proven track record conducting hundreds of audits including external 3rd party certification audits as an auditor/verifier recognised by the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), in addition, I have trained more than 3750 food professionals from government agencies, NGOs, academia and businesses across the whole supply chain from farm to fork and across the different sectors,  not only in New Zealand but in Southeast Asia and Middle East.

I am driven by food professionals experiencing light-bulb moments and breakthroughs in their thinking and I enjoy supporting their journeys protecting food for all everywhere.

Ready to transform your journey? We can help.

  • Explore all courses

  • Enjoy learning and achieve your certificates 

  • Apply lessons and be more confident. 

Popular Food Industry Training Courses

What other Food Professionals say about us

I’m passing on a recommendation for a good course and trainer. I recently completed VACCP training with Food Surety.  The one day course was via zoom and was surprisingly hands on with breakout rooms and working through examples. It has helped reflecting on all potential fraud types across the entire supply chain and appropriate mitigations. I highly recommend it.

Craig Cooper
Quality and Operations Manager
Hawkins Watts New Zealand

Ray is very knowledgeable, has a very effective communication and ability to keep you engaged and interested. My team and I have learned a lot, and we feel more confident applying the knowledge back in our workplace.

Virginie Cazeaux
Quality Assurance & Compliance Manager

Frucor Suntory New Zealand Ltd
I would like to sincerely thank Ray Haddad of Food Surety for delivering an Insightful and Informative training session. My Acquaintance and connections who are in the Space of Food safety & Technical compliance who would require an in depth understanding on Food defense and Food fraud implementation. I would certainly recommend you to take up this course

Ravishankar Kumaresan
Food Safety & Regulatory Compliance Manager
Mercorella Group

Over my 35 years of going to all sorts of courses this HACCP course has to be one of the best. Ray is clear, knowledgeable and agile thinker.

Phil Nilsson
Director and Engineering Manager
Alive Foods Limited
New Zealand

Ray has trained thousands of satisfied food professionals, since 2012

Trained professionals, vast majority recommending  the trainer to a friend.

Net promoter scores (NPS) range from  -100 to +100. Our +80 NPS grants confidence.

Course topics and levels delivered supporting food professionals to do what's right with confidence.
In addition, 330+ internal, supplier and external certification audits conducted since 2007.

Start your Food Protection learning journey now!

Don't lose the opportunity to become more confident, efficient and effective in your daily professional life
At food surety we know you want to be a confident, successful and fulfilled food professional providing safe food for consumers and protecting your brands, but in order to be that you need to fully understand all the requirements of food safety and HACCP, food defence, food fraud prevention auditing skills, and how to practically apply it all building a strong food safety culture. The problem is the lack of time, resources and solutions that actually work which is frustrating. From basic food safety training to food hygiene course to auditing skills and food authenticity, we are here to support you.

We believe you should be supported and we understand the frustration if you are not, that’s why we provide the best possible ,fully tailored training courses and consultancy. So you can leave the confusion and stress and be the professional and food business leader trusted by your team.

Here is how it works:
•    Explore all courses and enroll as needed 
•    Enjoy the learning and be certified
•    Apply new knowledge, skills and food safety practices, and reap the benefits
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