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Ray Haddad

What a person does under pressure defines them!

Growing up, I remember my dad as a passionate and very disciplined farmer; in 1986, he chose this path after becoming a retired Lieutenant colonel, which probably explains the discipline part. To him, and for about 20 years, growing and providing wholesome and safe fruits and vegetables was a lot more than a job; it was a duty. I do vividly remember how he was always against the use of any questionable agricultural chemicals and how he influenced other farmers to avoid these regardless of how tough some seasons were. “we are feeding our family as well as everyone else’s families”, I remember him saying once to fellow farmers.   

Reflecting on these memories, their influence on me and the food safety specialist I became today is much more than I thought!
food safety while others aren’t. The varied interest level was clear, but its root cause wasn’t.

With time, I realised this contrast in the food safety buy-in and passion goes down to two points: the level of true understanding of why we do what we do! The second is the ability to see the big picture. This realisation evolved my love for delivering training and its positive influence on people’s careers and lives! An excellent training course enables people to be at their best!

Years later, after I have delivered consultations, audited and trained thousands of food professionals in New Zealand, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, I am still driven by seeing trainees experience light-bulb moments and breakthroughs in their thinking.

This journey led to the creation of Food Surety Limited, an embodiment of my commitment to supporting, satisfying, and fulfilling professionals in their quest to provide safe food while safeguarding consumers. My ultimate aim is to equip you with the confidence to address the daily challenges you encounter, enabling you to achieve your aspirations as a food professional, elevate your business into the global brand you envision, and above all, protect both people and the environment for today and generations to come. 

Together, we provide safe food for our own and everyone else’s families.
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Examples of recognition, certifications and associations:

  • New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries recognised verifier - Current
  • Certified Exemplar global Global ISO9001 and ISO22000 lead auditor training - 2012, 2015
  • Implementing SQF Systems certification - SQF Institute - 2020
  • The New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology member - Current
  • International Association for Food Protection member - Current
  • Leaders of Learning - HARVARD Graduate School of Education - 2017
  • National Certificate in Adult Education and Training with strands in New Zealand Environment, and International Environment - 2013
Ray trained thousands of satisfied food professionals and businesses, since 2012


Trained professionals, vast majority recommending  the trainer to a friend.

+80 NPS

Net promoter scores (NPS) range from  -100 to +100. Our +80 NPS grants confidence.


Course topics and levels delivered supporting food professionals to do what's right with confide.
In addition, 350+ internal, supplier and external certification audits conducted since 2007.
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